Rotary Pedals Out Polio!

Pedal out polio banner 

Milton Rotarians Jeff Coup, Eric McDowell, & Michelle Simons have put together a 5 day bicycle ride starting in Ashland on Wednesday, June 20 and ending in Cross Fork on Sunday, June 24; 380 miles later to raise awareness and funds for Rotary Internationals efforts to erase Polio from the face of the Earth!

A year ago polio was endemic in 4 countries. Thanks to Rotary’s efforts there are now only 3 countries with the wild polio virus. Your tax-deductible donations and support will help the world become polio free, saving may lives, crippled bodies and saving hundreds of millions of dollars each year that will not need to be spent on containing this dread desease.

A minimum $25 tax-deductible donation to The Rotary Foundation and a completed registration form is all that is needed to join the ride for several blocks or a whole day. Many prefer to donate to be come “virtual riders”, paying not to ride! Please visit our Facebook page to obtain a ride registration or for information about making a donation.!/RotaryPedalsOutPolio?notif_t=fbpage_admin

Contact Jeff Coup at or 412-1436 to make a donation or register to ride.